Monday, November 1, 2010

On-street car sharing hopefully in 2011

SANDAG has been developing plans for an on-street car sharing demonstration project since 2008. In October, a report and map of proposed sites for cars was presented to the Downtown Parking Management Group of CCDC.

8 of the 19 proposed sites are within 2 blocks of downtown trolley stations and all are proposed based on careful planning. The reception was not enthusiastic support. Concerns were expressed about the loss of public parking spaces to car sharing cars, the loss of meter revenue, and the viability of car sharing. A more detailed presentation regarding the methodology of selecting sites for cars was requested. SANDAG will be back at the DPMG on December 9. The meeting is at 11:30 at CCDC offices – 401 B Street, Suite 400. Public support for car sharing can make a difference. DPMG also has a meeting this Thursday, November 4 at the same time and place. Car sharing is not on the agenda this Thursday, but if you want to voice support and can't make the December 9 meeting, you can voice support for car sharing during the “non-agenda public comment” part of the November 4 meeting.

After receiving the support of the DPMG, SANDAG will seek the support of the Centre City Advisory Committee (CCAC). If the DPMG supports the car sharing recommendation on December 9, SANDAG will present to CCAC in January. CCAC represents downtown residents and businesses, so support from downtowners is most relevant to the CCAC.

After CCAC, SANDAG will present to a committee of CCDC, perhaps in January or February. CCDC's opinion of the matter will likely be formed at the committee meeting. If the committee meeting goes well, the item may be a consent item at the following CCDC Board meeting. Public support at the committee meeting may be important.

There are many meetings between now and having cars downtown, but SANDAG hopes cars can be downtown in 2011. Discussions are already in progress with many car sharing companies and cooperatives regarding how a relationship could proceed.

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